What happens when an allegation is reported to GAC?

Category: Reporting allegations to the PSEA unit

GAC will acknowledge receipt of all allegations. They may request further information. However, they will not ask for information that could identify any of the individuals involved. Upon receipt of a reporting form, the unit analyzes the report with particular attention to how the survivor-centered approach was considered. They also look at the results and findings of the investigation (organizations are directly responsible for investigations of cases reported to them), as well as lessons learned in an internal report response from the organization. While the unit does not engage in the details of the investigation, it does monitor case updates from partners to ensure they are progressing in their investigations in a timely and survivor-centered manner. The team will also answer questions or provide guidance as needed. Therefore, GAC both expects and trusts that partners will be transparent, diligent and timely in their investigation of allegations and in any related actions they may take.

The PSEA unit files all reporting forms and flags cases on a need-to-know basis with relevant staff at headquarters and admissions without sharing sensitive or confidential details.

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