Should we report the incidents that happened among our partners even if they are not directly funded by GAC?

Category: Reporting allegations to the PSEA unit

The actions of partner organizations are the responsibility of Canadian organizations funded by GAC, as stated on the Contribution Agreement – General Terms and Conditions, article 22.6 on sexual misconduct:

  • 22.6.3 The Organization shall provide access to its CoC to all Personnel, Local Partners and Ultimate Recipients, and shall promote protection from SEA. The Organization shall ensure that all Personnel, Local Partners and Ultimate Recipients shall either: a) sign an attestation stating they shall respect the Organization’s CoC, or b) adopt their own policies and procedures to prevent SEA that shall be in keeping with the goals and objectives of the Organization’s CoC.
  • 22.6.5 The Organization shall notify the Department of any credible allegation of SEA in the delivery of Canadian international assistance which may involve the Department’s funding or which could put the Department’s funding or reputation at risk within forty eight (48) hours after determining that an allegation is credible.
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