Can reporting allegations to GAC impact our access future funding?

Category: Reporting allegations to the PSEA unit

The reporting of cases is separate from the process for deciding who receives funding. When a case is received by the PSEA unit, it is handled with the utmost confidentiality with respect to privacy act.

Partners are expected to report all cases to Global Affairs Canada, so reporting shows that the organization is taking the issue seriously and is abiding by the requirements that are clearly outlined. There is a zero tolerance for inaction; so if it is found that an organization did not report, that is a bigger risk, and may compromise access to funding.

As organizations put in place better reporting systems, they may receive more allegations. Therefore, reporting allegations shows that your organization is making progress on prevention, as counter intuitive as it may sound. Reporting a case, responding to it, and managing it appropriately shows that your organization is responsible and diligent.

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