Am I violating privacy laws from the country where programs are implemented by reporting an incident to GAC?

Category: Reporting allegations to the PSEA unit

The form is meant to be confidential enough to not violate any laws around privacy that may exist in other countries. GAC is not trying to dictate how organizations’ work should be done in any particular country. They expect that all organizations respect the country laws where they work.

To protect the privacy of victims, survivors, whistleblowers and alleged perpetrators, organizations should not provide any information that could identify the individuals involved. All information will be treated as private and confidential in accordance with the Privacy Act. The available form was developed to ensure that no personal information is shared with GAC. In addition, any information that would permit us to identify the person should be omitted.

Information on allegations is stored in accordance with Canada’s privacy act provisions and respects the highest confidentiality.

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