Global Affairs Canada Requirements​

"Canada strongly condemns all forms of sexual exploitation and abuse in international assistance. We all have the responsibility to step up to address these issues and produce a real shift in how we work. Appropriate steps must be taken to prevent, respond to, and protect beneficiaries of Canadian international assistance funding from sexual exploitation and abuse."
Global Affairs Canada has established two requirements for organizations that receive funding under Canada’s International Development and Humanitarian Assistance Envelope: 

The first requirement is to develop, publicize and enforce a code of conduct for all the organization’s staff (volunteer or paid) that explicitly prohibits sexual exploitation and abuse before receiving funding, or no later than six months after signing a contribution agreement. This requirement is set out in the General Terms and Conditions of Contribution Agreements, Section 22.6 “Sexual Misconduct.”

If you currently do not have a Code of Conduct (CoC) that explicitly prohibits sexual exploitation and abuse, AQOCI has created a CoC template with the goal of facilitating work  and meeting Global Affairs Canada’s requirements regarding PSEA.

Digna has collected a growing list of Codes of Conduct created by agencies across Canada that you may find useful. You can find them here.

Do not over complicate your code – the main point is to clearly state your expectations for staff, volunteers and partners.

Report any allegation of SEA received to GAC

The second requirement is to report any allegation of sexual exploitation and abuse received linked to a project funded by the Canadian government. There is a specific report form. Reporting Form – Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in International Assistance (to view the form click on the link, download it to your computer and open it with Adobe Reader).  


Cases should be reported as soon as possible after receipt of an allegation. Please note that partners are directly and solely responsible for investigating cases, this reporting is to allow for analysis of trends and issues. “Global Affairs Canada also expects partners to report annually to the public on the number of alleged and confirmed cases of sexual exploitation and abuse including measures taken.” 

“To protect the privacy of victims, survivors, whistleblowers and alleged perpetrators, organizations should not provide any information that could identify the individuals involved. All information should be treated as private and confidential.”


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