IFRC Secretariat Policy on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse – IFRC

This policy includes a sample confidential Report form on SEA you may find useful.

“This policy further strengthens and develops accountability systems in order for sexual exploitation and abuse survivors and IFRC and ThirdParty Personnel or anyone who becomes aware of SEA to feel comfortable to report and be protected from retaliation. Engaging with local communities, promoting community-based complaint mechanisms and providing assistance to survivors are important components of this policy’s spirit, procedures and Action Plan. […] The policy draws on ideas elaborated in the IASC’s Global Standard Operating Procedures on inter-agency cooperation in CBCMs (2016), including their approach to complaint referral and survivor assistance. In developing and enforcing our own PSEA policy, the IFRC has drawn on best practices of National Societies and stands ready to support those in need of developing and strengthening their PSEA policy.”

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